Diwali Dhamal 2015

DMG’s 2015 Diwali Party will be held at Payal Banquet Hall on Nov 8th, 2015

Tickets for the 2015 Diwali Dhamal are on sale now. As usual, we do not sell tickets publicly allowing us to keep this event exclusive. Please contact one of the DMG core team members if you wish to attend.

In 2015, our theme is “I Love TO (Toronto)”. We want to celebrate the wonderful city of Toronto/Mississauga… which is home for all of us after we left our homes in India. This is the city that has given us everything, our jobs, businesses, our identity and independence to chart our own lives. This is the city where we are raising our families and this is the city where we make our home country proud. So let’s celebrate Toronto at DMG’s Diwali Dhamal 2015.